Our Story

Serondella is such a magical place…

A place where people can all be in the same place and take in nature and all its beauty. People of all ages and abilities in one place at the same time. Where else can one do that? Having family time together and friends together and enjoying all the things surrounding it. It is also a time to reflect. For me personally, it’s a place where I feel like I am in a meditative state; just not feeling rushed or judges, just relaxed. Serondella with all the majestic trees feels so nice; it has always, to us, been a place where you seem to get back to yourself.

All this as well as giving back to nature and learning how smart nature is and all of its hidden mysteries. Respecting all the plants and trees, reptiles, insects and of course all the bigger animals and how nature always interacts with itself. This is like a huge life-skill development for our children and their friends. Serondella’s essence is respect for all living things. We invite you to be part of our family’s journey at Serondella.

Eliane Cordia and family